Navigating The Workplace Safety And Hygiene Environment Can Be Confusing To Say The Least

Dear Fellow Professional,

If you are not receiving the level of exceptional above and beyond service for your workplace monitoring or are even unaware that this level of service exists then go no further.

I am about to explain how we will make your working lives not only better but a whole lot easier.

Whether you’ve been a health and safety manager for years or just picked up this responsibility in addition to an already hectic daily schedule, I know how time consuming and frustrating it can be for you trying to find out exactly what your obligations are when it comes to workplace and workforce health and safety.

As experts in our field with over 20 years’ experience I want to make your life as easy as possible when it comes to controlling your workplace hazards.

That’s why we’ve created a unique Resources Area on this website that gives you instant access to the most important documents and reports that you will need in order to quickly figure out what your workplace control requirements are and ensure that you have appropriate plans in place to remain compliant with the law.

Access to this Resources Area is completely free. All you need to do is enter your details in the box below and you will get immediate access.

Here’s What You'll Find in Our Free Resources Area

Instant download of any Industry Guidance DocumentA full catalogue of cost effective Workplace Control SolutionsApplication to my personal ‘Mastermind Group’Unlimited access to Industry Training Programmes and Training VideosOver 50 Example Reports & Action SheetsWeekly Industry updates and much more...

Let’s also be very clear from the outset this is not sales copy where I entice you into a position of attempted purchase. I am simply discussing the value that we offer and the unique opportunities that we provide and give away FOR FREE.

By giving you access to all of our free resources we are making an instant commitment to you.

Do not misunderstand I am running a business and in doing so that business has to make a profit but for me the most important thing is providing you with something that no one in my industry is willing to do. Not only that I bet you now they are not even thinking about it.

By providing you with the added value ensuring your working life is easier to manage and quite simply better we are demonstrating our long term commitment to you.

Why Me And This Company You May Ask?

My name is Lee Johnson and I am the founder of Environmental Essentials UK Ltd and today that very business is the fastest growing most successful company of its type in the UK!

This is not because our noise surveys are superior or that my LEV testers are the best it is because we offer that and much more. What we do is not our unique proposition what is unique is the way in which we do it. What sets us aside is quite simply; we go above and beyond the expectations of our customers to a place that our competitors dare not.

I am not saying this to gloat I am saying this because time and time again we have proved that we provide value beyond expectation.

We are all busy professionals and those extra projects that you cannot do that need to be outsourced to experts can prove to be a real pain to source, manage and organise.

I was having difficulties in finalising the North Bristol NHS Trust Vibration Policy. Environmental Essentials were referred to us by another trust and their help was fantastic. They helped me complete the policy and provided additional information that was missing at no extra cost. Nothing was too much trouble and as a result we have now completed the policy and have measurement data to refer to. I would gladly recommend their services.

Health & Safety Advisor North Bristol NHS

My Propositions And Guarantees To You!

Yes we will complete a very competent survey or assessment and yes the report you receive will be of the highest quality and yes my highly skilled consultants will discuss the content and findings in a way that you clearly understand.

But isn’t that what you are paying for? Isn’t that what everyone is offering?

Let me now tell you what you will receive in addition to the above at absolutely no cost extra. None!

  • Access to the exclusive ‘Resource Area’
  • Online secure storage facility for all documents
  • A 1 page action sheet in addition to the reports coloured red, amber and green for priority rating where we take the crucial recommendations from the report and formulate an action plan without you having to do it
  • A dedicated customer services manager. If you need something it gets done!

My personal guarantee’s to you

  • If your report is not with you in 20 working days your report is FREE of charge.
  • I will solve any workplace control issue you have. FACT!
  • If you are not happy with what we have provided we will pay another company of your choice to come in and redo what we did not!!

I am so confident in what we do I am willing to offer these guarantees to you meaning in reality this is a win win situation for you with absolutely nothing to lose!

My first give away to you is access to the exclusive ‘Resource Area’. Simply sign up and receive instant access to this new offering.

This is a Sample of What You Will Discover

  • Instant download of any Industry Guidance Document
  • A full catalogue of cost effective Workplace Control Solutions
  • Application to my personal ‘Mastermind Group’
  • Access to over 30 industry specific Training Programmes
  • Unlimited access to Industry Training Videos
  • Weekly industry updates (Prosecutions, legislation change, upcoming events)
  • Over 50 Example Reports & Action Sheets
  • And much much more...

You will be signing up to join my unique group of professionals spanning the length and breadth of the entire British Isles covering all industry sectors.

I make a promise right here right now. Your details are important to me and will remain that way. I have no interest in sharing them for anything other than to provide you with free resource and a level of service that cannot be beaten. Your details will remain 100% confidential and will never be disclosed.

What Is The Risk To You?

If you are not a safety professional and the above does not appeal to you then this is not for you.

However if you are looking for a support outlet at no cost, with no commitment to buy anything and this can absolutely add value to your working life then the answer to the above question is no risk at all. If you are unhappy with the offering simply send an email and your access to all of your free resource will be deleted, no questions asked.

So leave your details now and explore the benefits at no cost at all.