Time for change

Time for change

EEUK launch new brand identity to reflect business growth

Over the last 15 years we have been serving our clients and building our business in the right way. Our small business has developed into a large organisation containing groups of specialist services and our brand identity now needs to reflect that growth.

It is now the ideal time to refresh our brand to establish a distinctive personality which signals to the outside world the growth we are experiencing and to demonstrate who we are as a business in 2020 and beyond.

The EEUK logo

To kick things off, we developed a new logo, colour palette and set of brand guidelines. Our new logo design uses clean, fresh colours and a modern, streamlined typography along with an icon which reflects the interlinked nature of our business pillars with the abstract ‘EE’ diamond shape. This new design demonstrates a clear visual change without losing the meaning and heritage of our logo and what it means to us as a business.

Our values

Who we are (honest, transparent, and approachable) remains the same, but our image has changed to reflect our business evolution. Our original ethos and values are as they always have been and remain a constant within the group as the backbone of our personality, however our abilities and ambitions have evolved.

In short, we remain a family orientated business that thinks big.

The new website and marketing materials

We have developed a new website to incorporate our new brand image where customers can find out exactly what we do. From occupational hygiene, health and safety and water hygiene services, our team of qualified consultants can support businesses across the UK, whatever the requirement. The website highlights who we are and what we do in a user-friendly and engaging layout.

We will use our new brand image across all aspects of the business including marketing materials, merchandise, van livery, signage, workwear and much more. As part of our brand strategy we have rolled out our brand guidelines to employees and assigning new workwear to seamlessly integrate the brand across the business.

EEUK remain committed to our customers

The new image gives us a more consistent, powerful impact and positions us as the group we now are, where the opportunities are endless. Please know that we remain committed to providing the highest standard of occupational hygiene, health and safety and water hygiene services and are steadfast in our efforts to ensure your employees are healthy and safe in the workplace.

Find out more about what we do by exploring our new website or contact us for a chat about your business requirements with one of our team.