Make sure your workplace is safe after lockdown

Make sure your workplace is safe after lockdown

EEUK’s Managing Director, Lee Johnson, talks life in lockdown and coming out the other side in his latest blog, as well as how EEUK can help you make sure your workplace is safe post-pandemic.

There are not a lot of redeeming qualities to a pandemic, but if silver linings are your thing, then we should at least take this lesson from it.

We are being reminded what less looks like. We are being taught that less can, at times, be more.

In a monumental effort to try and find a silver lining, I am working hard to find the positives and be gracious of what I have and not what I haven’t had for the last year.

Let’s face it this last chunk of lockdown has not been fun. It has been brutal.

But it has been, at least, an exercise in understanding the question of – What would less look like?

  • Less flights.
  • Less dinners out.
  • Less meetings.
  • Less income.
  • Less time with friends.

Some of that has been easier to bear than others. Some of it has been sad and lonely, other parts of it have been downright liberating. But the thing about less – it also reveals what more looks like.

Because as tough as the last few months have been, it has also meant:

  • More sunsets in the back garden.
  • More dinners at home.
  • More appreciation for the people and things that matter.

When we do less, we get a double benefit. We cut out what is inessential, and we do what is essential much, much better.

As we start to awake from our virus ridden hibernation, we will soon be back to our old ways of running around like headless chickens as we get back to the hustle and bustle of typical life.

It is inevitable – so if we are to quickly get back to it, why not have us help you in a more manageable way? Stay with me and I will explain how.

Many out there have held back on much needed monitoring and understandably so. Why would you do the monitoring with a reduced workforce?

It is now evident in every sector that situation is rapidly changing. There is much to now do as our workforces are back at it.

We are seeing it every day. Those factory floors are filling up nicely with our teams of people that have been furloughed for so long they need retraining.  The noise levels are back up at significant levels. That weld fume is again visible.

The doors are opening with the sight of a little sunshine, so we have environmental factors to now consider. Our outdated LEV testing is now a high priority.

Let us not forget our Water Hygiene maintenance plan or the fact our Fire Risk Assessment or our DSEAR survey is out of date.

The list is endless. Whatever support you need we are here to help.

If you are one of many that have now a mountain to climb, we can support in a number of ways and it will make your life a whole lot easier.

Allow us to build a complete ‘Worksafe Package’ to provide all your statutory compliance over a time period that serves you.

We can design a monitoring structure that suits you to make the planning as seamless as is possible and we can even provide a financial package that can be spread over periodic payments.

In essence you can pick the package that suits you.

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