A Day in the Life of a Fire Door Inspector

A Day in the Life of a Fire Door Inspector

As always the day has to start with a strong coffee, now off to site. The sites and places I have worked so far have been varied from Cornwall to Stirling and so many places in between. The sites are always varied and each provides its own challenges from working in tenanted flats, hotels, hospitals, schools ,mod installations to hmp there is always something new. Each door is individual and the standard to which it has been fitted and maintained. But as always the checks are there to make sure that the doors are fitted correctly to keep everyone safe. I’ve seen doors missing glazing, doors with gaps that you could crawl under but as always I am there to make sure that the doors need to be up to current standard to keep everyone safe.

I fell into the role of fire door inspector after realizing during lockdown that I wanted to make a difference and after seeing on the news the devastation of Grenfell I knew I wanted to get into fire safety and help to make a difference. While some clients don’t always see the priority in keeping fire doors checked and well maintained the glaring fact is they help save lives.

The checks and inspection that are involved are rigorous and has to be done for every fire door no matter how good or poor the quality. The checks may vary slightly from door to door but the standards and practice remain the same.

The days can be long but they are always varied and give a sense of achievement at the end of the working day. With some many different locations throughout the UK you get to see so many different places and get to meet new people from all different backgrounds.