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Who are we?

EEUK Group is a forward thinking, progressive organisation, that is proud of its people and insists on a family feel. The development of our people drives our ethos, and this ensures the perfect delivery for our customers. It is understood that no one customer is the same, so whether it be through great relationships, competence, management efficiency or just because it happens with significant ease, the result always over delivers.

The group has evolved over many years and covers a diverse and specialist range of statutory obligations that focus on employee health, safety, and wellbeing in the workplace.

We offer services in a range of disciplines including:


The preferred provider of all workplace health and safety solutions delivered through passionate people and strong customer relationships.


Develop our people through education and experience to create competence, ensuring our customers receive the solutions and service they need.


Customer commitment, quality, integrity, respect and humility, passion and communication.

Our History

The group that exists today started out as nothing more than a hopeful vision. In 2006 Lee Johnson sat alone in a very small office with only a laptop and phone and day by day things started to happen. Lee had already spent a significant number of years within the safety compliance sector of the manufacturing industry and was already known by key players as a person that provided solutions.

It is not surprising that it did not take too long for those customers to join Lee when he created EEUK. Back then we offered a small service, specifically focussed in the occupational hygiene arena to a select few clients.

The business, during its infancy, was dedicated to business development and as a result that business has evolved over the years and has now become a multi functioning organisation with a focus on Occupational Hygiene, Water Hygiene Management, Health Safety & Fire and Training.

EEUK Group now serves thousands of customers every day and still has a drive to find new opportunities whilst maintaining our commitment to our people and our customer.

The years between 2006 and the present day have not been plain sailing. As is the way in every business, there are complexities that must be overcome. However, with a purpose to focus on the development of the team and find the best skill set in the industry to serve our customers, the group has evolved considerably.

The most significant change in the business occurred in 2014 when a very successful partnership was formed. The shared partnership of the EEUK Group allowed change on a much greater scale. The new partners complimented Lee’s enthusiasm, sales and technical ability with a financial stability, an experience within larger organisations, a commitment to process and procedure and more importantly a wider perspective on how to deliver a shared vision. That partnership exists today and still very much drives the vision of the group.

As time passed and the group evolved the Shareholders ensured through a significant Management Development Programme, there was a solid framework within the business that to this day forms a robust platform to ensure business growth, whilst maintaining a commitment to constantly improve levels of service to our customers.

The organisation is now driven through its leadership team that has a wealth of knowledge and experience that enhances awareness across the group and compliments the drive of the Shareholders. The focus is one shared by all in its commitment to its people to deliver the best possible service.



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