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Amy Harrison

Quality Compliance Manager

I started my career fresh faced from high school at EEUK as an apprentice back in December 2011, 9+ years on I am now EEUK’s Quality & Compliance Manager!




My friends and family would always

say how lucky I have been to find a

workplace like EEUK


My Story

My very first job role was Consultant Support Supervisor. The role was self-explanatory to its title – I supported our consultants with their administration tasks. I was the youngest employee by far for a number of years, and one of the highlights I still look back at is how EEUK looked past my young age and treated me with integrity, respect and humility. When I started at EEUK I had very little confidence and zero working experience, within a year of being surrounded by professional and friendly colleagues I was positively influenced and developed my confidence and gained skills and experience.

I continued to climb the progression ladder to Senior Administrator, then Administration Manager. While in this role I had the responsibility of restructuring my department in line with the business vision and objectives, which was a great success and still in place now. I can remember being taken back by the amount of trust and belief my manager had in me to take charge on such a project. My friends and family would always say how lucky I had been to find a workplace like EEUK, and still to this day they quiz me for any potential job openings!

Alongside my internal training and coaching invested in my career so far, EEUK have also supported my external training desires and I have gained qualifications in NVQ Business Administration Level 2 & Level 3, Intermediate Level Apprenticeship in Team Leading & Internal Auditor Training Course (ISO9001 & 14001). This year’s dairy is already filling with more external and internal training. A lot of businesses can preach about their staff being their most valuable asset, but I can honestly say EEUK is living proof of this statement. Back in 2018, the business invested in the growth of their management team through MDP (Management Development Program) with Nigel Heald (STS UK). I have worked with Nigel from the beginning, in group settings and regular 1-2-1s. The MDP has had a massive impact on the person I am today, it has and continues to teach me there is no limit to my desires.

It is widely believed that work contributes to overall health, and with that said, what I enjoy most about working for EEUK is the culture and working environment. It is a company that really invests in the development of its people and cares about your future. If you are looking for a company that truly care, then I would encourage you to get in touch.

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