Ergonomics is essentially a study of an interaction of the person (human factors) with their work station and/or work place.  Human factors and ergonomics is concerned with the "fit" between the user, equipment and their environments. It takes account of the user's capabilities and limitations in seeking to ensure that tasks, functions, information and the environment suit each user.

eeuk are skilled and able to carry out the following:

  • ergonomic assessment of the processes identified
  • identification of the work activity associated with the use of this equipment over a period of time during the day
  • identify hazards associated with the activity and evaluate the risk to individuals
  • gain an understanding of the potential impact on employees
  • review of any current risk and manual handling assessments for the activity and an understanding of any accidents or injuries which have occurred

The outcome will be to provide your company with proposals to reduce or mitigate the impact on employees from the activity and a detailed report will be produced.

Following completion of the Ergonomics Assessment discussions will take place regarding the potential requirement for on-site employee awareness training.

If you have any query are simply unsure do not hesitate to contact us.