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Nick Elms

Occupational Hygiene Consultant

What I enjoy most about working at EEUK is the people. We have a great team of positive minded people that are always on hand to help support me when I need it.


We have a great team

of positive minded people

My story

I’ve been working at EEUK for just over a year and coming into the field of occupational hygiene was a big change for me having previously worked as an audio engineer. I’d spent  most of my life up to that point studying and working in the field of sound engineering but I wasn’t satisfied with my job and I was looking for a new challenge. EEUK has provided with that challenge by opening my eyes to the world of occupational hygiene.

When I joined EEUK I was studying the post graduate diploma in Acoustics and Noise Control in Leeds University. EEUK encouraged my development by giving me a day release to undertake my studies while also developing my knowledge in the various aspects of Occupational Hygiene through accompanied site visits and by putting me through the British Occupational Hygiene Society qualifications. There was a lot to take in and balance between my academic and professional commitments but EEUK gave me everything I needed to succeed.

My colleagues and managers have been really supportive with whatever I have going on and are happy to accommodate my personal development. That’s a massive plus for me and one of the reasons why I see myself working with the company for a long time.

Now that I have completed my post graduate qualification my sole focus is on becoming a competent and certified occupational hygienist with the aim of one day becoming a senior occupational hygiene consultant with EEUK. The company have provided me a clear career path with plenty of opportunities to grow and develop and are fully committed to helping me achieve my goals.

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